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Myths about your immune system and what actually works to support it

There is too much nonsense floating out there when it comes to strengthening your immune system.


These are the practices that actually work.

How to Naturally Filter Your Air with Houseplants


Plants are more than just something nice to look at!


Find out how you can improve air quality with plants and which ones to use.

Fasting-Mimicking Protocol



What is it and why should you do it?


Learn about this form of fasting backed by the leading researchers.

Easy-to-follow and we even included a calculator!

Why and how you should question your doctor?

Doctors are pretty good at treating diseases, not so great at preventing them. How do you stay empowered in your interactions with physicians?

Biohacking - another health trend in process of being violated

Biohacking is a trendy subject in the wellness community.

Learn how to do it right.


How to identify disease early and never be sick again

Necessary inputs to promote graceful aging.



Exploring my gut diversity



Deep dive into my gut microbiome and big takeaways.

Shotgun gut fixing protocol and how to recover from food poisoning FAST

Recover from food poisoning.


Gadgets/items I don't go anywhere without and why I need them...


What's in my bag?


Gyms are for gains and community, not health.


That's right!


Vegan diet. Why you shouldn't do it and who could benefit from it? 

Why is it a good idea and why it is not?

How to navigate a hotel buffet?



Tips on how to eat healthily while traveling.

Travel Smarter and Never Experience Jetlag Again

International travel can be rough on your body and performance.


Learn some strategies how to optimize recovery and travel smarter.


What is Functional Training?

Most people are exercising for aesthetics over function.


Discover functional training and why you should do it.



Sleep better


Most people underestimate the power and benefits of good sleep.


We think that more is better and 8 hours of sleep is all that matters!


This false notion is far from the truth!

What I've learned at the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference

Apply some of my lessons!


How I stay in shape working out under 3 hours a week and how you can do it too.

Minimal Effective Dose is the name of the game!

How and why I inadvertently spent $400+ on supplements

And why you might consider it too.



What is the best diet and why dieting doesn’t work for most people?

Truth about dieting.


10 Daily Exercises You Can Do From Your Home


No gym? No problem.


What's with fat?




Is it healthy or should you be afraid of it?

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